Design & Communication

Definitive Concept is comprised of a team of young innovators with a diversity of skills, we are experts in technology, digital marketing, design and business systems. We are able to put all the sum of our talents together to make sure that your business is positioned for success in the digital age.


We use state of the art cloud based technologies at every stage of the product development life cycle. We provide the management of websites, cloud based email, storage, database and web hosting solutions to our clients.


Our company is a one stop shop for companies looking for a communications agency able to handle all digital development and communications such as:

  • Web Design & Website maintenance
  • Mobile Application development (Android & iOS)
  • Desktop Application development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design

While Website Development and Mobile Applications represent our core offerings, We also provide server and cloud hosting, SEO & SEA, ERP development,  brochure and catalogue design, marketing materials design and network services.

Case Studies

We always approach project development from a value driven perspective to maximise the return on investment for our client’s projects. Our project management team is composed of technology, marketing and business experts who aim to create solutions which are both feasible and sustainable.

Pricing Structure

Definitive Concept offers solutions which are tailored to the specific needs of its clients. Our standard development rates are $20/Hour for Development and $30/Hr for Technology Consultancy services. We can create standard showcase, corporate or e-commerce websites.


Our focus on quality and our commitment to carry through your vision make Definitive Concept the ideal technology partner for your business.

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